The Brain-Computer Integration Framework

The brain-computer integration framework is a design framework that applies human-computer integration thinking to the design of brain-computer interfaces.

We call this brain-computer integration, where the system and the user’s brain become tightly coupled through synergizing each other’s processes as an integrated whole. We hope our framework helps guide the design and study of such systems. 

The framework is illustrated to the right, articulating the design space of brain-computer integration as a two dimensional plane.

The Y axis represents the dimension “neural congruence”.

The X axis represents the dimension “distribution of agency”. 

Combining neural congruence and distribution of agency in varying degrees of intensity can produce unique user experiences.

Possible user experience can be categorized into four general “types” corresponding to each quadrant of the design space.

Click on an element of the interactive framework below to learn more about each axis and quadrant.