The Inter-Dream project was a collaboration between myself and the art duo PluginHUMAN, in which I contributed as lead researcher. 

Inter-Dream is a multi-sensory interactive artistic experience driven by neurofeedback. It is comprised of an interactive bed, ambient score, and dynamic visuals procedurally generated from EEG data fed back to the “dreamer” through VR and projection mapping.

Through studying the user experience of Inter-Dream, we explore the potential for interactive technology to promote mental states which typically come before a good night’s sleep. Results demonstrated: statistically significant decreases in pre-sleep cognitive arousal, negative emotion, and negative affect. EEG readings were also indicative of restorative restfulness and cognitive stillness, while interview responses described experiences of mindfulness and playful self-exploration.

Our results highlight the potential of neurofeedback technologies to facilitate creative expression and playful exploration as a pathway for promoting healthy pre-sleep states..


Semertzidis, N., Sargeant, B., Dwyer, J., Mueller, F., Zambetta, F. Towards Understanding the Design of Positive Pre-sleep Through a Neurofeedback Artistic Experience. CHI 2019. Long paper. ACM. Video.